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Preparing and Tagging your items

Once you've printed your tags, it's time to get to work tagging your items! Changes for Fall 2020 online sale in bold.

Even though the sale is online, we will be sorting through your items preparing orders so it will be important to keep tags in tact on your items. 

Because of how this sale will be done, we are asking you to avoid using hangers. Items should preferably be bagged, but folding them with the tag visible is also acceptable. 

Supplies you'll need:

  • We strongly prefer no hangers this sale. If you have items from a previous sale that is already prepared on a hanger, don't feel the need to take it off. But for newly entered items, we ask that you do not use hangers.

  • Tags should be attached to the bag or item so they are easily visible..

  • White or light-colored cardstock for printing your price tags

  • Ziploc bags

  • Clear packing tape- no scotch tape, it will not stick!

  • Zip ties (optional) - can be bought very inexpensively at Home Depot, Wal-Mart, etc.

  • Tagging gun (optional) - with long barbs (not the short, red barbs used for quilting - they won't hold).

  • Hole punch (optional) - some sellers like to punch a hole in the tag before attaching it with a safety pin to the clothing

Bagging clothing items:

  • Be sure items fit in the bag with it still being able to be easily sealed. You may bag multiple items together as long as they are selling under the same tag. Items that are being sold together must be of the same size.

  • Tape tag to the OUTSIDE of the bag with packing tape.

  • Please do not tape bags closed. We will be inspecting items when filling orders and need to be able to easily access the items.



Shoes must be secured together. You can use zipties or safety pins, or place them both in a zip seal bag. Secure the tag well.

Toys, Books, DVDs, etc.

  • When taping tags to zip deal bags, use a piece of packing tape across the tag, avoiding the bar code as much as possible

  • Individual Items: Place sale tag securely on item with tape. Any accompanying small parts can be put in a bag, sealed with tape, and taped to the item. Be aware of any items that may be damaged by the tag being taped directly to the item and consider bagging these items to avoid damage.

  • Multiple items: (books, DVDs, toys,etc) To sell items in sets, place in zip seal bags, seal the top with tape and secure the tag to the OUTSIDE of bag with tape. It's recommended that you group items together that are intended for  the same age/interest level to increase the chance of selling.

Furniture and Equipment: All furniture and equipment should come as compact and broken down as possible. 


Cribs: We do not accept any drop side cribs for consignment. For each crib, download and complete our crib safety checklist and bring to drop off.

Car Seats and car seat bases: For each car seat, download and complete our car seat checklist and bring it with you! Little Britches will not accept car seats that:

  • Have expired or will expire within a year of the sale - check the date of manufacture. Even if you've only had it a few years, it may  have expired.

  • Are recalled - check to confirm yours has no recalls. Car seat recalls can be check for at:

  • Have been in an accident - even a minor one

  • Do not have all components

  • Do not have the manufacturer's label attached

  • Have not been properly cleaned for the sale

Bumbos, nap nannies, etc: Remember that we do NOT accept items that have been recalled unless you have obtained and installed the repair kit. If you know you have done this and it isn't an obvious repair in the picture, please contact Brandy to let her know so the item doesn't get pulled from the online sale. BUMBOS MUST HAVE SEAT STRAPS INSTALLED. We pull multiple Bumbos every sale when they just need the simple repair kit! Also, keep in mind that Rock N Plays, Nap Nannies, and most other similar products have been recalled and will not be accepted at our sale.

Quality Policy:

For the online sale, since shoppers will not be able to inspect items they are purchasing, you ensuring quality will be more important than ever. For this reason we are instituting a more strict quality policy for this sale and will be enforcing it strictly. We will be inspecting items as they are sorted for buyers, which will mean having to refund buyers. Please make this a rare occurrence for us by only bringing your very best quality items.

We appreciate your hard work in making sure you are only bringing your best items, well prepared for the sale. We understand that damage can be overlooked here and there, it happens to all of us! However, excessive items that are damaged or otherwise unacceptable for the sale create extra work for our amazing volunteers and can be frustrating to our shoppers.

  •  We know mistakes happen. Each seller will be allowed one item per 100 entered that will not be penalized. These items will be refunded to the buyer and you will not receive credit, but you will also not be charged an additional fee.

  • Additional items not meeting our quality standards will charged a fee of 20% on top of not being paid for the item. 

  • Consignors who bring an excessive number of poor quality items, or if it's apparent that you purposefully misrepresented the quality of your item in your picture, you will be barred from participation in future sales.

Advertising: In fairness to our paying vendors and advertisers, we cannot allow any sellers to advertise their business on consigned items. There can be no business information attached to items or their hangers. All items from a seller who has advertised on their items will be immediately pulled from the sales floor and the seller will not be allowed to register as a seller for future sales. If you're interested in being a vendor or advertising with Little Britches please go here.



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