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How selling works

Selling can feel a little overwhelming, but we are here to help!
Here are the basics:
  • You keep 65% of your selling price, less a $12 consignor fee, which will be withheld from your profit check.
  • All items are entered into our online bar coding system and printed at home. The system is very user friendly and easy to learn. Items MUST be entered within the dates above. We are unable to allow any entries past the date the system closes. We STRONGLY encourage that you not wait until the last minute to enter items to avoid technical issues from preventing you from finishing! We also reserve the right to close entry early in the event of a high number of item entries.
  • You must enter at least $100 worth of items to be eligible to shop at the sellers' presale.
  • You have two options for getting paid- check or PayPal. The PayPal method we use does NOT charge you a fee on your end, but it does take a couple days to process, so checks and PayPal tend to arrive in similar time frames.
  • That's it! You leave the hard work of selling your items to us! (Though, if you want to shop even earlier, we'd love to have you as a volunteer! Learn more about that here).

Item entry opens:

Saturday, March 2nd

Item entry closes: Sunday, April 7th

10 pm

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