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Volunteering at the Sale

Note about Saturday volunteer spots:
As we know that everyone has different levels of comfort with risk and their own personal situations, we are going to continue not having checkout assistants as the default for this sale. However, if you would like to volunteer with someone who you are already a close contact with, or otherwise feel comfortable working closely with at the sale, please email us and I can manually assign these roles. Click here for additional details regarding adjustments made due to COVID.

Why volunteer with Little Britches?
SHOP EARLY! Volunteers get to shop at 5:30 the night before the sale.

Meet some great people! We realize we're a little biased, but we think we have some pretty awesome people volunteering with us.

Get to know the sale! Is this your first sale? No problem! Volunteering can be a great way to learn more about how the sale works and get an idea of the items that others bring so you can be more prepared the next time you consign or shop!

Have fun! It can be really fun to volunteer at the sale!
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