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What's new for returning sellers!

**I'm needing sellers to re-sign up for PayPal if they wish to continue receiving payments by this method. From now on, sellers will need to sign up each sale they wish to receive PayPal payments. Our hope is for this to ensure sellers feel able to make the choice each sale that works best for them. Go here for the current link for signing up for PayPal (please register as a seller through our system first).


-We have decided to amend our stuffed animal rules to keep up with toy trends. We will now accept the following stuffed animals. As with all our items, they must be in great condition and clean.


     -Popular characters


NO carnival quality or generic stuffed animals.

-This sale we are going to trial accepting used CLOSED SYSTEM BREAST PUMPS. If you aren't sure if yours is closed system, here is a resource. Take care that all necessary pieces are included and secured in how you package it. We are not responsible for parts lost due to poor packaging.

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