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FAQs about Volunteering

Do I have to sell in order to volunteer? No, anyone is welcome to volunteer.

Will I receive a volunteer pass to bring to the sale? No, volunteer names will be on a list at the door. If you choose to let someone else shop in your place, make sure they give your name.

I really want to volunteer but none of the shifts quite work for me. Shoot us an email! We can sometimes work around your schedule to find another 4 hour time commitment that would work for both of us.

How long are the shifts? Most shifts are 4 hours. We do have a few volunteer positions that are not during the sale itself like distributing flyers. If you have special needs and would like to volunteer, please contact us and we will try and accommodate you. You can volunteer for up to 3 shifts.

Can I bring my children to my volunteer shift? No, we need our volunteers to be able to focus on their shift, and some shifts may not be safe for children. If a volunteer would like to bring a child over the age of 12, please contact us before the shift and we will let you know if it's an appropriate time for a child to be at the sale.

What if I'm nursing and I need to take a break during my shift? No problem! Please contact us ahead of time so we can help you find a volunteer position that this works with best. It's fine to have someone bring the child to the sale site for you to nurse, but again, we cannot have volunteers caring for young children while they working their shift. We are also happy to help you find a time and space to pump if needed.

Can I bring a friend with me to the pre-sale? No, the pass is for the volunteer and their spouse only. It wouldn't be fair to all the other volunteers who put in their time if we allowed non-volunteers to shop during this time. You can give your pass away or talk them into volunteering too!

​What if I need to change or cancel my shift? You can log on and make changes or cancel your shift at any time before the online system goes down which is usually the Sunday before the sale. After that time you will need to email us directly.


What if I don't complete my shift or don't work my shift? We reserve the right to not allow a volunteer to return as a volunteer at future sales at our sole discretion.


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