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Shopping the sale

Why shop Little Britches?
  • Entry into the public sale is absolutely free!
  • Avoid paying retail prices for items you need for your children
  • Save the gas guzzling of the garage sale runaround
  • Everything is under one climate controlled room
  • Items are organized and screened for quality
  • We carry preemie through junior sized clothing, as well as maternity in addition to toys, books, puzzles, gear, and so much more!
  • Our sales are limited to the upcoming season (our spring sale is for spring and summer, our fall sale is for fall and winter) so you will only have to shop through the clothing items that you'll be needing soon!
  • Find those items you didn't know you needed and shop alongside other area families!
  • Support local business! Little Britches has been serving the Manhattan, KS area since 2003. We are a locally owned, family operated business.
  • See some pictures of previous sales here to get an idea of what to expect!


We accept:



Credit cards over $10

Checks under $200 (with a valid driver's license. A $25 fee will be assessed on all returned checks)


Sales tax applies to all purchases

Please note that we will also have vendors on site selling their items! These items are all sold by the vendors who may have different policies for the forms of payment they accept

Shopping FAQ


Who can shop at Little Britches?


Everyone is invited to shop at Little Britches! Tell your friends, coworkers, daycare teachers, neighbors or anyone who shops for kids!

How much is entry into the sale?

Free! There is no cost to shop the public sale on Saturday morning. There is an option to purchase a Happy Hour ticket to shop at 7:30 the night before the sale. See more about Happy Hour tickets and other options for shopping early here.


I know the sale starts at 8:30, but when should I arrive?


Arrive early if you are looking for the best deals! If you're hoping to avoid the crowds, we usually slow down later in the morning. But make sure to come back later for the 1/2 price sale - there are always great deals left. (If you want to shop early AND with less crowds, learn how to shop our presale!

What should I bring with me to make shopping easier?


We have a limited supply of large shopping totes available to borrow while you shop the sale, but most of our shoppers bring their own. Seasoned shoppers find that laundry baskets, structured shopping totes, and even empty strollers are handy for shopping with.

Should I bring my children with me?​


Due to COVID, we strongly encourage you to keep your children at home if possible to keep crowds low. However, we understand that this isn't an option for all families. If you do need to bring your children, you're welcome to bring in your stroller and any snack or toys to keep them entertained (strollers and some items may be marked with a band at the door to signal checkout staff that you brought them in with you). Please do not allow children to play with consigned toys as these property of our consignors until purchased. Parents will be held responsible for any toy their child makes unsellable.

What can I do to be sure the items I purchase will fit?


We encourage you to bring along your children's sizes and a tape measure. For shoes, trace their foot on a piece of cardboard, cut it out and slide it inside shoes at the sale to see if they will fit.

I'm planning to shop for some larger items. Will I need to drag these along with me?


Nope, we are prepared for that! Items can be held in our hold area for a 1/2 hour while you shop. As long as you check in every 30 minutes your items will continue to be held. 


I'm planning to shop the 1/2 price sale. Will all items be 1/2 price?


No, consignors have the option of whether or not their item is marked to half price, though consignors do tend to select that option for most of their items. Tags that are marked "reduce" above the price will ring up 1/2 price. Other items can still be purchased during the 1/2 price sale at full price.


I'm excited! What else should I bring?


Patience! We have worked hard to make checkout as quick as possible, but as with any event like this, sometimes delays occur. We are always doing our best to move you through as quickly as possible! Please also note that our lines do often get fairly long. We do a pretty awesome job keeping it moving, but it can be unavoidable. You are welcome to bring snacks or other things to help keep your children (and grumpy spouses) occupied while you wait!

Also, spare change! Even if you don't plan to pay in cash, you'll find donation cans to benefit Toys for Manhattan at each checkout station. This is a wonderful organization in the Manhattan area and we are happy to do anything we can to support them!

What can I do as a shopper to make the checkout process as easy as possible?

The best  thing you can do is have your hanging items neatly piled, pay attention to any instructions given by volunteers, and just allow the checkout volunteers to scan your items as fast as possible. DO NOT remove any tags, these tags will remain on the items, and any items without tags will not be able to be sold.

I'm shopping for some baby gear and am worried about recalls. Any tips?


We do not allow items that have been recalled and have a volunteer double check all items against the known recalls.  For extra precaution, we suggest you check out the US Consumer Product Safety Council website, an independent, federal regulatory agency that helps keep American families safe. They list items that are recalled.



What happens if I get an item home and change my mind?


Because of the nature of our sale, ALL SALES ARE FINAL and we are unable to do any returns or exchanges. We strongly encourage you to review your items carefully before purchasing.

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