COVID Updates

We are part of the Manhattan community and don't take lightly the importance of making sure this is a safe sale. Please note the following COVID protocols for shoppers:

  • Masks will be required for all shoppers with the exception of small children. Please note that this is also a Manhattan city ordinance, as well as a condition of us renting the armory.

  • While children are always welcome at our sale, for this sale especially we STRONGLY encourage you to shop without them this time to help reduce crowding. We understand that this isn't an option for all families. If you must bring your children to shop, please ensure they stay with you and we ask that small children be confined to strollers or carriers.

  • If you are not feeling well or are under quarantine, please do not come to our sale.

  • Sanitizer will be available throughout the armory and we encourage you to sanitize frequently.

  • We will be using the armory fans and bay doors to encourage as much airflow as possible. We are grateful to have a space like this for our sale.

  • Please respect distancing of others. We will be doing our best to spread our sales floor out as much as possible. We reserve the right to limit the number in the building at one time if crowding is an issue.

  • There will be tape on the floor for the line to encourage distancing. Please respect the markers.

  • If you have concerns about crowding, we strongly encourage you to consider our presales. If you need to shop Saturday, we suggest waiting to shop at around 10:30 when the first rush has cleared out.

Additional protocols for volunteers

Keeping our volunteers safe at our sale is not a responsibility we take lightly. Please take note of the following when deciding to volunteer in our sale:

-All volunteers will be required to wear a mask while in the building, no exceptions.

-Volunteers may be asked to fill out a health screening questionnaire. Please do not come to the armory if you are not feeling well or are under quarantine.

-Checkout scanning stations will each be ran by one person instead of with a helper. Additional tables will be utilized at scanning stations to promote distancing from customers and to allow space for shoppers to bag their own items. EXCEPTION: If you are volunteering with a person who you are already a close contact with, you may ask to be paired together at a scanning station by emailing us. Checkout helpers positions are not visible in the workstation.

-Volunteers will be given hand sanitizer and are encouraged to use it liberally throughout their shift.

-If at any time throughout your shift you are not feeling comfortable or have a concern, PLEASE come talk to Shaun or Brandy immediately.