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What can I bring to the sale?

What we accept
Clothing - all sizes (premies through juniors unlimited items may be brought. Women sized clothing limited to 20 pieces per consignor, counted separately from maternity clothing (exception to limit may be made if you have more than that number that we feel would be high demand such as very current trends, brand name, etc. Exceptions made on a case by case basis and only with prior approval. Please email for approval). Current styles in very good to excellent condition.
Spring/summer sale: bring your spring and summer clothing items. Denim jackets and light windbreakers are fine but avoid fleece, sweaters and heavy coats. Swimsuits are acceptable at our Spring/Summer sale. Lightweight long sleeve shirts are now accepted at this sale, avoid thermal or heavy fabrics, or anything with a fall or winter print. Jeans are acceptable at either sale. Sundresses and skirts in lighter fabrics are great, no holiday or winter prints at the spring sale.
 Fall/winter sale: bring your warm clothing, coats, and Halloween costumes but leave sleeveless shirts, shorts and bathing suits for the spring/summer sale! Anything for a summer holiday or summer print isn't appropriate for the fall/winter sale. Jeans are acceptable at either sale. Dresses and skirts made from thicker fabrics that work well with leggings or tights are fine for this sale, please no spring/summer prints in our fall sale.

Shoes - must be in good condition. Shoes must be for the season of the sale- no snow boots in the spring, no sandals or water shoes in the fall. NEW FOR SPRING 2022: Each consignor may bring up to 5 pairs TOTAL of men and women's sized shoes.
 Maternity Clothing - LIMIT 20 items per seller. Any seasons. Nothing over 5 years old.
Baby Equipment - strollers, playpens, high chairs, bouncers, car seats and car seat bases**, swings, slings, gates, play yards, baby carriers, playmats, etc.

Diapering - Good condition cloth diapers, diaper bags, changing pads, wipe warmers, etc
Safety items - Baby proofing items, baby monitors, sound machines, etc
Nursery Items - decor, bedding, cribs**, furniture, bed rails, monitors, etc.
Play Equipment - outdoor and indoor playsets, playhouses, slides, tents, etc.
Sporting Equipment -bikes, basketball goals, riding toys, skates, etc.Sporting equipment may be of all seasons, but we encourage sellers to consider that items will sell better in their correct season. Play balls that aren't fully inflated will be removed from the floor, exceptions only made for sports balls that are intentionally sold deflated.
Nursing and feeding - pillows, pumps (new in package only), pads (new in original packaging), burp cloths, etc. Used, excellent condition bottles and sippy cups are acceptable.
 Toys, Books, Software,Videos, Games, Etc. - items must contain all pieces and be in good working order. Please ensure that electronics have working batteries to increase their chance of selling. Stuffed animals only accepted if a popular character or Squishmallows.
Decor for infant through teen rooms - think of the items that you would use to decorate a room for a typical infant through teen. Please don't bring general house decor.

** Please fill out our car seats and/or cribs checklist for each of these items you intend to bring to the sale. Car seat bases must also have the checklist and meet the same standards. Go to, or visit the manufacturer's website. Car seat recalls can be checked at

What we can't accept

  • Any drop side cribs.

  • Items that are not tagged and prepared as per instructions on this website.

  • Recalled items. Check or for list of recalled items. Read further safety info below. If you have a recalled item, we encourage you to contact the manufacturer for replacement or refund. (items that had a recall but have done the appropriate manufacturer repair are acceptable). Some commonly seen recalled items:

    • Nap Nannies

    • Rock N Plays

    • Bumbos WITHOUT strap

    • Boppy Nappers

  • Because of the inconsistencies with warnings and recalls at this time, we aren't accepting infant "nappers" or loungers.

  • Garage sale quality items.

  • "Happy Meal" toys

  • Stuffed animals outside of popular characters and Squishimals, or those with some sort of animation. NO carnival quality, generic stuffed animals. These just don't sell! We encourage you to donate these elsewhere.

  • Clothing that has pet hair, smoke or food odors, stains, holes, tears or excessive wear

  • Items for pets

  • Car seats that: are recalled, have expired or will expire within a year of the sale, or have been in an accident and/or sustained any damage. These same standards apply to car seat bases.

  • Underwear - unless they are new in original package or accompany a specific outfit.

  • Food, medicine, or perishables.

  • Opened breast pumps. We will only accept new in package breast pumps for sale.

  • "Event" T-shirts - in general, t-shirts are fine, but please don't bring youth sports team shirts, race event shirts, club t-shirts, etc.

  • Items missing necessary pieces. (If item is missing pieces that aren't necessary for use, please note that on the package).

  • Pet items

  • Home decor for anything other than what you'd use to decorate your child's room.


Little Britches will not sell any item that has been recalled or is otherwise considered unsafe. Here are a few suggestions:

  • Go to or to see if your items are recalled. Car Seat recalls can be search for at:

  • Visually inspect items for missing or loose parts

  • Inspect item for loose or chipping paint.

  • Fill out the crib checklist and/or the car seat safety checklist available on this website

  • If you suspect an item of elevated lead levels DO NOT bring it to the sale. More info at

  • When it doubt, visit the manufacturer's website. Most have recall info or a 1-800 number.

  • Ask yourself if you would be comfortable having your child exposed to the item, if not - do not bring it to the sale. 

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