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Drop off and Pick up


Drop off:

  • Drop off appointments are available on April 11-12 All consignors MUST have a drop off time to bring their items to the sale. These can be selected in your seller account.

  • Before you start putting items on the floor, please check in with us at the table and sign the seller agreement, allow us to check any car seat or crib checklists, and give you special indicators for strollers, bags, and items priced over $25. This is also when you'll receive your presale pass.

  • Plan on spending between 15-30 minutes or longer if you are bringing a large number of items. Volunteers are available to assist you in putting items out on the floor, but you will be the primary one responsible for ensuring all items are put away as volunteer assistance may be limited . Be sure to put items where they belong. They will only sell if they are in the correct spot! Please ask if you are unsure where an item should go.

  • If you plan to pick up ANY items that don't sell, please bring a tote or sturdy box with your consignor number written. This will be left at the sale and returned to you with your items at pickup.

  • Children are welcome at drop off, however, we ask that they not play with any of the consigned items.

  • Drop off at the sale site: Kansas National Guard Armory 721 Levee Dr. Manhattan


Drop and Run option: If you don't have time to put your items away at drop off, just let us know and we'll do it for you, here's how that works:

  • A flat $10 fee for 1-100 items and $.10 per item after that will be deducted from your profit check. Charge will be based on quantity of items in your active inventory at the close of the item entry period.

  • To choose this option, please select a drop off time, then email us to let us know you'd like to choose this option.

  • We are unable to assemble large items like cribs and play equipment.

  • Bring your items to the armory during your drop off time, check in and unload and you're done!

Pick up:


Pick up time: Sunday, April 14th, 2-4 pm. **Please make an appointment for pickup in the seller workstation.

If you are electing to pick up ANY items, you MUST come between these times to pick up. We are unable to hold any items after this time, as this is when the donation truck arrives to get donated items and items not picked up will be considered donation items at this point. No exceptions can be made. If you are unable to arrive during these times, you may ask a friend to pick up the items for you. Please be sure they understand the process to avoid them missing any of your items.

We work hard to make the pick up process as efficient as possible while taking care to ensure you receive all your items. The pick up process works as follows:

  • You must have a pick up appointment made. If you don't make one, you'll have to wait until we are through those who arrived in their time slot before we will be able to check you out. We are not able to start giving out items until 2 pm as there is a lot of sorting that has to be done before that time.

  • A volunteer must take you through the hanging clothes, untagged items, large items, and bins. This means you may sometimes have to wait for an available volunteer, but this system helps us ensure you receive all your items

  • Once you've checked all the areas and collected all your items, you'll be asked to sign a pick up slip that lets us know you came for your items and that you feel you were able to thoroughly look for all your items. Please remember that at 4:00 pm the donation truck comes and all remaining items will be donated to charity, including any totes that items are left in.

Profits are distributed through either check or PayPal. We assume that your election is a mailed check unless you notify us otherwise. If you'd like to elect PayPal please notify us here by the end of the sale. There will also be an "items sold" report posted to your account as soon as possible, but note that this report will NOT be available at the time of pickup. It is important that we ensure all information on the reports is accurate when posted and we can't do this until after Sunday. It can take up to two weeks to get this report posted, but we try hard to get it posted much sooner.

What happens to donated items?

One great thing about Little Britches is that you can choose to donate none, some, or all of your items remaining after the sale. This is selected when the items are entered in your inventory. But where do the donation items go?

One thing that Little Britches is very proud of is the After Sale donation party. Local organizations who work with families in need are given invitations to distribute to clients who may benefit from this. These families are able to come "shop" free of charge from items generously donated by consignors.

When the donation party is over, Toys for Manhattan picks up all remaining donated items, as well as those items not picked up by the end of the pick up period. Toys for Manhattan is a wonderful local organization that helps families provide holiday gifts for their children. Items that Toys for Manhattan can't use they will pass on to other local organization. You can learn more about them here. We take pride in supporting local organizations that support local families!  We may, on occasion, donate certain items to other organizations we feel may be able to use the items, but be assured that we only donate to local organizations as supporting families in our communities is one of our primary missions in our business!

After the sale, a donation report will be posted to your account that can be used for tax purposes.

If you have any questions throughout the process, please feel free to email us or send us a Facebook message! We're here to help!

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