Drop off and Pick up- online edition

Dates for drop off:

Sellers donating ALL unsold items: October 13-14

All other sellers: October 20-22

Drop off:

  • All consignors MUST have a drop off time to bring their items to the sale. These can be selected in your seller account.

  • ONLINE SALE: For this sale, you will only be bringing your sold items to the distribution center (exception for sellers opting to donate all unsold items, these sellers will be able to bring all items for us to sort through). Please note that we are NOT using the armory this year. The distribution center is at 2125 C Fort Riley Blvd (next to Eclectic Charm).

  • Items need to be brought in containers you do NOT need back, preferably cardboard boxes.

Following the online sale, you will be sent a list of your sold items. Using this list, you will pull all sold items and bring them to your drop off. That's it! No need to come back for pick up, no need to haul items that don't sell. (see an example of the report below).



Don't want to have to pull your items? Sellers who are electing to donate ALL unsold items will be able to pick an earlier drop off time. After the sale, we will pull your sold items and take care of donating what's left. 

If you are wanting to donate some, but not all, of your unsold items, we can still take care of the donating part for you! Just bring those items with you when you drop off your sold items and we will take care of the rest!

Profits are distributed through either check or PayPal. We assume that your election is a mailed check unless you notify us otherwise. If you'd like to elect PayPal please notify us here by the end of the sale. Please note that payments for the online sale will be made AFTER items are picked up by buyers.

What happens to donated items?

One great thing about Little Britches is that you can choose to donate none, some, or all of your items remaining after the sale. This is selected when the items are entered in your inventory. But where do the donation items go?

As always, Toys for Manhattan picks up all remaining donated items, as well as those items that were brought to the distribution facility with the sold items. Toys for Manhattan is a wonderful local organization that helps families provide holiday gifts for their children. You can learn more about them here.

After the sale, a donation report will be posted to your account that can be used for tax purposes.

If you have any questions throughout the process, please feel free to email us or send us a Facebook message! We're here to help!

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