What's New?

Thanks for deciding to consign with us again! Here are a few things that have changed since the last sale, in case you missed them. Please note that reading this list does not replace carefully reading the seller agreement.


  • Breastpumps: since insurance started providing breastpumps we've seen a HUGE increase in the number of these, and also a HUGE drop in the sell through. They also take up a lot of table space and as high value items, require extra monitoring. For these reasons, we've made the decisions to go to accept ONLY new IN PACKAGE breastpumps. If the box was opened but never used, we will not be taking these items. We apologize for any inconvenience this causes, but we hope by doing this is will clear up table space for other items to increase their sell through.

  • Shoes: The past few sales we have had a TON of shoes which makes them very hard to organize and shop. While we have always required shoes to be of excellent to new quality, we will now be enforcing this rule more strictly. Shoes that are dingy, damaged, or show a lot of wear on their soles will no longer be accepted. We know that shoes show wear a lot more quickly than clothes which is why we've been more lenient on them in the past, but we hope that this will make the sell through on shoes better as they'll be easier to shop. Remember that shoes are also only acceptable if they're for the season of the sale.

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