Online sale tips for long time sellers

If you are a long time "expert" seller, you may be feeling super confused about the expectations with the online sale format! Here is your one stop shop to help you understand the changes!

Item prep:

  • "Items" need to be grouped together, the "item" being the unit you are selling together, just as you would for a live sale. For example, if you are entering and selling five onesies together under one item number, you need to group these items together. We need to be certain when we are pulling items to fill orders that we get everything that was sold together.

  • We prefer no hangers for this sale as we will be pulling items from boxes, but if you already have an item on a hanger that's okay. The preference is ziplock backs, but my little environmentalist heart sort of hurts at the idea of all that plastic! The goal is that all the pieces of one item be bound together securely, but in a way that allows us to inspect items as we fill orders. (If you have any ideas on this we are open to them!)

  • Our quality policy is more strict than normal and will be very strictly enforced. Your shoppers are trusting you to properly represent your items, and so are we. Remember that our sale is for your BEST items. More on the quality policy can be found here.

Entering items:

  • When items are transferred to the online selling platform, the items in the first line will be bolded and most prominent. For this reason, put things like brands or "new in package" in the first line to increase the chance of your item standing out. Using a good description will be key to your items selling well. This is definitely not a sale where you want to generically label items "books" or "puzzle".

  • It will be crucial that you enter the category for the item. The category you enter is the category the online platform will sort your item into. Because of this, if you enter an item as the wrong category, your item may not sell. For example, if a shopper is looking for a pack and play and you entered yours as a crib, your item will not be in the category they are shopping. Be sure to be as specific as possible when you choose your category.

  • It is also crucial that you choose the correct size. If you mark your item as a 4T and it is actually a 3T, the item wasn't representing correctly so would be eligible for refunding and would be subject to our quality policy.

  • You will need to take a picture of all items, including items you activate for the sale. Please don't stress about the pictures! The most important things are that you use a simple background (a great option would be to lay the item on a clean floor) and make sure your lighting accurately reflects the item (natural lighting would be best if possible). 

  • You will also need to mark your item as "ready" for online sale, including items you activate. This is a safeguard to ensure that you understand that the item is for sale and will bring it to the distribution center.

Tagging items:

  • This will pretty much be the same- make sure the label is securely attached and very visible!

Drop off:

  • This should be the most wonderful change as you will only be bringing your sold items or items that didn't sell that you wish to donate. After the online sale closes, we will send you a report that you will use to pull your items that sold. Please sort these items in the order of your report. This will be an enormous help to us as we fill orders.

  • If you are electing to donate all your unsold items, you may select a drop off time prior to the time of the online sale and we will do the work of sorting your items for you! Make sure you understand that any items brought to us that don't sell will be donated to local agencies.

  • You will need to bring items in boxes or totes that you DO NOT want back. Collect cardboard boxes from friends! (We are also open to suggestions on this!)

Pick up:

  • Drum roll... you don't have to pick up anything as a seller! Since you are only bringing us items that sell or that you want to donate you don't have to come back to pick up any leftovers! Woot!

Getting paid:

  • You will not be getting paid until AFTER orders have been picked up. Because of the nature of an online sale, we will be accepting returns from shoppers IF the item wasn't accurately portrayed in the picture or description.

  • ALSO: You will need to pay your $12 seller fee when registering for the sale. This acts as sort of a "deposit" and will be refunded to you as long as you bring all your sold items! We know it's a pain to pay this on the front end, but in the end it will be better for you since you won't have to pay this fee for this sale! You will also be able to have this refunded as long as you un-register for the sale no later than October 10th.

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